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  • Benefits of Dermatoglyphics
  • Understand your child’s innate characteristic
  • Know your child’s inborn learning style
  • Discover your child’s hidden talent & potential.
  • Self evaluation and compatibility.
Intelligence Types

All of our moving body parts by remote control - the control centre is our brain. Right Brain is corresponding to Left Hand and Left Brain is corresponding to Right Hand.

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Find out criteria of your children and make them best in their field..

Need for Brain Browser Intelligence Test In India

Brain Browser Intelligence Test can provide crucial inputs for student counselling and guidence. Parental and peer Pressure are price causes for such high number of suicides. Nowadays parents are willing to spend lots to send their children to many classes regardless they are talented or interested on it.

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I got help from counselling for exam related stress and worry. I used to forget all answers.

Amit, Delhi

This analysis report will help the parent to know the strenghts and weakness of their child.

Mukul, Delhi